Digital Marketing

“Success with digital marketing is the result of sound strategy, not perfectly executed tactics.”
– Phil Frost, Mainstreet ROI
Digital marketing is all things online.
And it’s the cheapest way to achieve your marketing goals.

Digital marketing starts with SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

At its core, this is making sure that the words on your website are the same as the words your potential clients are using to find you. If you’re a landscaping business, this means your content should include “build a deck”.

By marrying SEO keywords with well-written content, you’re making sure your customers find you and are excited to work with you.

Email and social media are the two cheapest forms of digital marketing.

Their flexibility and reach means they can also be the most effective. Recon can help you with planning and developing a calendar of content that will cut through the digital noise and bring in great leads and prospects.

We can manage, write and create your content, or we can train your internal staff on how to do this in house.

If your strategy is to run paid digital campaigns, Recon has established relationships with Stuff, TVNZ, Mediaworks and NZME. We can develop your campaign and get you in front of your target customer. We can also develop and run Facebook and Google Adwords advertising for you.

The key to great digital campaigns is monitoring and responding to what’s not working. We monitor your campaign daily and make adjustments if something’s not working. If you’re getting great traffic but no leads, we will update your web content and call to action to make sure that traffic is converting!